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Our Facilities

At Farrer Park Hospital, we offer a diverse range of facilities to give you and your loved ones the most conducive treatment environments.

Medical Facilities

Cardiovascular Suite

The Cardiovascular Suite is equipped with the most current angiography equipment that can perform cardiovascular procedures and surgeries.

Day Surgery Suite

Day surgery is for a minor procedure that allows you to enter and leave the hospital on the same day. The facility takes care of your admission, recovery treatment, and discharge with medication.

Diagnostic Imaging Suite

A wide range of diagnostic imaging services and interventional procedures are available.

Endoscopy Suite

Both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are carried out in the procedure rooms. They include external examinations of the colon, the digestive system and the lungs, as well as removing a foreign body from the trachea. There are recovery rooms, all of which have single beds.

Inpatient Suite

Our Inpatient Suites are located at levels 7 to 10 and are equipped with features to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Intensive Care Unit

Located at Level 5, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is able to manage patients with a wide range of medical conditions in cardiology, neurology, medical, surgery and orthopedic. It is built in close proximity to facilities for day surgery, major surgeries and procedures. This allows quick access to vital services should patients require them.

Major Surgery Suite

The Major Surgery Suites is the place where major surgical operations are performed. This ultra modern facility allows a comprehensive range of surgical procedures including intra-abdominal operations, breast surgery, vascular surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, urology, gynae-oncology surgery and orthopaedic surgery, to be performed in a safe, secure and sterile environment.

Nuclear Medicine Suite

Nuclear medicine imaging provides very detailed pictures of what is happening inside the body, and can uncover abnormalities and disorders that might go undetected.

Radiation Oncology Suite

Our Radiotherapy Oncology Suite is a modern facility for External Beam Radiation Therapy and Brachytherapy. Equipped with the Elekta VersaHD using advanced flattening filter-free technology, we aim to provide swift and safe radiation treatment for our patients. Complemented with 4D Computed Tomography Simulation capability and an innovative Qualitative Assurance system, enhanced precision of tumour treatment and greater sparing of normal tissues to minimize side effects combine to ensure the quality of care delivered.

Outpatient Facilities

24-Hour Medical Urgency Clinic

The 24-Hour Medical Urgency Clinic ​is well-equipped with consultation rooms, an observation bay, a critical care area, and rooms for dressing, procedures and isolation. In addition, there are also special function rooms for eye and ear examinations and minor orthopedic procedures.


Farrer Park Hospital supports both public and patients’ pharmaceutical needs through our Inpatient and Retail Pharmacy.​

Other Facilities


Our dialysis centre is fronted by Dr. Loh Ping Tyug, who brings with her a wealth of experience in Nephrology, Kidney Dialysis and Transplant. The centre provides the following services:
Hemodialysis – acute and chronic
Liver Dialysis
Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services provides a wide range of dietetics services to patients and their caregivers in the hospital, outpatient and the community. Dietitians translate scientific evidenced-based research on nutrition, health and disease and apply this information into practical nutrition guidelines to help improve the clinical outcome and health of individuals. 

Rehab Centre

Our Rehab Centre services assist you in regaining physical, mental and/ or cognitive abilities and help you return to your daily life. Working closely with the doctors in a fully equipped facility to improve mobility, we provide customized treatment plans to support your recovery journey. 

Teaching Clinic

Teaching Clinic is a conducive environment for talks to be conducted for specialists to share current practices and know-how with healthcare professionals, and allow discussions and exchange vital information remotely on a patient's condition.