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Admission & Discharge Procedures

Admission Guide for Patients

Thank you for choosing Farrer Park Hospital.  Your safety and well-being is of utmost importance to us. We hope that you will have a smooth admission with the hospital.

Prior to your Admission

Your principal doctor or clinic would have made the necessary bed or facility reservations.  For a faster and smoother admission, we recommend that you pre-register with us before your day of admission.  Pre-Registration can be performed at L2, Main Patient Services Centre.

For your pre-registration and admission, please ensure that you have the following documents with you:

What to bring

Documents to be submitted by patients/ patient’s next of kin:

  • NRIC (for Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents) 
  • Singapore issued Employment Pass or Work Permit or FIN card
  • Medisave payer’s NRIC, and/ or documents required to prove relationship (if patient is not using own Medisave)
  • Passport (for foreign nationals)
  • Letter(s) of Guarantee/ Pre-authorisation Letter

Documents to be prepared by your doctor/clinic:

  • Admission Form
  • Financial Counselling Form for Doctors’ Fees (Form B or C)

At pre-registration, our Patient Services Centre officers will inform you of the estimated bill size for the stay during financial counselling and our payment process.  Our officers will also be obtaining the necessary permissions from you or your next of kin for processes related to your admission.

On the day of admission

When to arrive

Please arrive on time on the day of your admission as specified by your doctor.  In general, you should arrive two hours prior to any surgical procedure.  Our Main Patient Services Centre’s Operating Hours are as follows:

  • Mon-Sun: 7am to 7pm (including public holidays)

Where to go

  • For Day Surgeries, Endoscopy and Colonoscopy, please proceed to our registration counter at Level 5 for registration
  • For Planned Admissions, please proceed to Main Patient Services Centre at Level 2
  • For admission after business hours, please proceed to the 24HR Medical Urgency Clinic for registration

If you need directional assistance, our Patient Relations Staff at L2, Main Patient Services Centre will be pleased to assist you.

During your stay

We will periodically update you of upcoming medical treatments and the interim bill during your stay so that you will be well informed of the charges.  


Our hospital discharge time is 11 a.m..  Your interim bill will be presented to you upon your discharge with the Final Bill being issued within two business days1.  

The full amount of the interim hospital bill will be collected from you before you leave the hospital if you are not covered by insurance.  Our accepted modes of payment include cash, NETS and major credit cards.  

Financing your Admission

  • MediSave / MediShield Life / Integrated Shield Plan
    • You may use your MediSave / MediShield Life / Integrated Shield Plan to cover you and your family’s2  hospital bill in accordance to prevailing guidelines3. Patients may activate this by completing a Medical Claim Authorisation Form (MCAF).
    • It is a requirement by some insurers that their members obtain a pre-authorisation by the attending doctor prior to the planned admissions, without which the Letter of Guarantee (LOG) will not be issued.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of insurers and resources for your reference.
Insurer/TPA Requiring

Great Eastern LOG3_0309_PARF (
AIA Claims EZ (
Prudential Extended Panel | Prudential Singapore
Pre-Authorisation-form_patient-consent.pdf (
Pre-Authorisation-form-to-be-completed-by-doctor-2022.pdf (
Singlife (formerly Aviva) Pre-approval Request - Singlife
HSBC (formerly AXA) HSBC Life Shield

Insurers that Do Not Require Pre-Authorisation

  • NTUC Income

  • Raffles

  • Corporate / International Insurance and Corporate Letter of Guarantees

    • Recognised Letters of Guarantee (LOG) may be used to cover/offset your admission deposit.  This should be presented during your pre-admission or during your admission to the Patient Services Centre.

    • If your LOG is from a non-recognised organisation, a full deposit will be required prior to admission.You may be required to top up your deposit during your admission or upon discharge if your interim bill exceeds your LOG amount.  Alternatively, you may wish to provide a revised LOG of a higher value from your insurer/guarantor. 

    • Examples of International Insurers: 

      • CIGNA Global Health Benefits

      • BUPA Insurance Limited

      • Aetna International

      •  Allianz Worldwide Care

    • It is a requirement by some insurers that their members obtain a pre-authorisation by the attending doctor prior to the planned admissions, without which the Letter of Guarantee (LOG) will not be issued.  You may wish to refer to your insurance broker regarding the requirements.

  • Self-pay

    • Self-payers with no medical insurance coverage, are required to make a full deposit as per the financial counselling form prior to admission, and to settle the interim bill during discharge. 

    • Payment may be made by the following methods at our Patient Services Centre:

      • Cash

      • NETS

      • Major Credit Cards

      • Telegraphic Transfer

      •  Cheque/ cashier’s order

  • Inflight Collections

    •  For patients who may require an extended duration of stay with us, your comfort, care and recovery are of utmost importance to us. We will liaise with your next-of-kin for additional fees that may ensue during your stay to ensure that you are focused on your rehabilitation and recovery.

  • Discharge Procedures

    • You will be issued with the latest Interim Bill, of which full payment has to be made, upon your discharge,

    • The finalised bill will be sent to your registered address within <7> working days and it will reflect all the costs associated with your admission and include additional charges, if any.

    • Your insurance company may need around <5 to 7> weeks to evaluate your claim. The timeline serves only as an estimate and may be longer during peak periods.

    • We will process refunds, if any, as soon as claims are approved and payment has been processed and received by Patient Services Centre.

1Arrangements can be made for patients who require their final bill upon discharge. 
2Spouse, siblings, parents, children or Singaporean/Permanent Resident grandparents.
3You may refer here for more information on prevailing guidelines.