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Our Room Rates

Farrer Park Hospital offers various facilities catered to suit individual procedural needs for your journey to wellness. We have compiled a list of our common procedures and treatments at our various facilities and how much they would cost.


Inclusive of GST

Room Rates

4-bedded (Image)


Standard Single Room (Image)


Deluxe Room (Image)

From $964.00

Suite (Image)



HDU (High Dependency Unit)


ICU (Intensive Care Unit)


Daily Treatment Fee/Nursing Services - HDU/ICU


Daily Treatment Fee/Nursing Services - Inpatient Suite


Day Surgery 

Day Suite (Recliner Chair)

≤ 4 hours


Subsequent hour


Day Suite (4-bedder)

Day Suite ≤ 4 hours


Subsequent hour


Day Suite (Single Room)

Day Suite ≤ 4 hours


Subsequent hour



Endoscopy Suite ≤ 4 hours


Endoscopy Suite Subsequent hour


Daily Treatment Fee / Nursing Services – Day Surgery