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Corporate Health Screening

Major workforce demographic changes combined with modern employees concerned about their after hours’ wellbeing is set to change the way employees perceive corporate perks, benefits and wellness. Set against today’s COVID-19 pandemic where remote work and telecommuting is – and will continue to be – a norm, HealthConnexion’s comprehensive range of evidence-based core health screening packages are designed to monitor your employees’ health and wellbeing in a time when there is a disappearing boundary between personal and professional lives.

More importantly, it can detect your employees’ underlying health issues that may not present prevalent symptoms; resulting in absenteeism and creating an impact on overall business productivity. Regular health check-ups can help your employees catch illnesses at an early stage and prevent further complication.

Our corporate health screening services can be tailored to specifically meet your organizational needs.

For more information, please contact our HealthConnexion Medical Clinic Team at [email protected] or call us.