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AskFarrer is a platform set up for the public to access commonly asked questions by visitors, patients or caregivers. Answered by our panel of specialists, AskFarrer welcomes all questions relating to medicine, health, lifestyle or other wellbeing concerns.

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Here are some questions that we received and were answered by our panel of specialists.

Nur Fitria Binte Rozlan
Associate Partner

"What's the difference between having hospitalization coverage and critical illness coverage?”

Dr. Goh Kian Peng
Endocrine Specialist

"I have an existing heart condition and thyroiditis. What can I do to reduce my weight?”

Dr. Ruth Kam

"I've been having repeated heart palpitations recently. What check-ups should I go for?”

Dr. Soon Sue Rene
ENT Specialist

"My daugher is 20 years old and has a branchial cyst. How do we treat it?”

Dr. Desmond Wai

"I'm a 50 y/o male who leads a healthy lifestyle. Why am I still diagnosed with colorectal cancer?”

Dr. Shang Yeap Heng Oon
Medical Oncologist

"Does having a sedentary and inactive lifestyle increase your risk of dying from cancer?”

Dr. Goh Kian Peng
Endocrine Specialist

"I'm 70 y/o with diabetes and stage 3 thyroid cancer. Will treatment affect diabetes?”

Dr. Gurpal Singh
Orthopedic Surgeon

“Is sarcoma a bone cancer? What are key steps for treatment and what is the prognosis?”

Dr. Lee Khai Mun
Radiation Oncologist

“How can I avoid the side effects of cancer treatment, such as diarrhea.”

Dr. Robert Lim
Medical Oncologist

“Can you share tips or advice if I should continue my cancer treatments during COVID-19?”

Dr. Melanie Seah
Consultant Breast Surgeon

“I'm a 45 y/o female diagnosed with invasiveductal carcinoma (IDC). What are my treatment options?”


Dr. Melissa Teo
Senior Consultant General Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist

“I'd like to find out more about HIPEC and cytoreductive surgery to better understand my treatment options for late-stage peritoneal cancer.”

Dr. Lynette Ngo
Medical Oncologist

“When is the best time for a cataract operation while undergoing chemotherapy?”


Dr. Mark Fernandes

“I'm 17, diagnosed with liver cancer. What are the suitable treatments or tests?”


Dr. Choo Bok Ai
Radiation Oncologist

“How do I know if my cancer is being overtreated or undertreated?”


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