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Dr. Lim Hui Fang

Dr. Lim Hui Fang

  • Specialty Respiratory Medicine Intensive Care Medicine
  • Languages English Mandarin Malay Hokkien

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  • Clinic
    The Respiratory Practice
    1 Farrer Park Station Rd, #12-08  Connexion, Singapore 217562
    Mon - Fri: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
    Sat: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.


Dr. Lim Hui Fang is a specialist in Respiratory Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine at The Respiratory Practice. After receiving her MBBS (National University of Singapore) in 2003, MRCP (UK) and Master of Internal Medicine in 2007, Dr. Lim underwent clinical specialty training at National University Hospital (NUH) and obtained her dual specialty accreditation in Respiratory Medicine (2011) and Intensive Care Medicine (2013). In 2014-2015, she was awarded an Academic Medical Development Award for a clinical research fellowship in Severe Asthma at McMaster University, Canada.

Before leaving for private practice in 2022, she was a senior consultant at NUH Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, where she helped set up the Complex Airway Clinic in 2017.

Together with ENT surgeons, infectious disease physicians and immunologists, this clinic provided a multidisciplinary management of patients with complex airway diseases e.g. severe asthma, chronic rhinosinusitis/nasal polyps, bronchiectasis, non-tuberculous mycobacterial infections, primary ciliary dyskinesia, and immune defects.

In 2015, she and her team were awarded the National Medical Excellence Award, given by the Ministry of Health (MOH), for their work in reducing mortality in community-acquired pneumonia. Dr. Lim also served as a consultant with MOH for the Singapore National Asthma Program 2 and 3, from 2018-2022 to provide input on streamlining asthma-related health services.

She was also involved in medical education and was the undergraduate director for the Division of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, NUH (2015-2017).

Dr. Lim was appointed as Deputy Director of the NUS Immunology Translational Research Program from 2020-2022. Her research interests include asthma epidemiology, asthma disease mechanisms, airway immune-profiling, and pneumonia. She is continuing her research work as a visiting senior consultant at NUH and Adjunct Assistant Professor at NUS.

Dr. Lim’s specialty interests are severe asthma, bronchiectasis, pneumonia, intensive care medicine, endobronchial ultrasound, and early lung cancer detection.

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