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At Farrer Park Hospital, we have billing facilities set up with a variety of local and international insurance companies – including Integrated Shield Plans which provide comprehensive hospitalisation and surgery coverage from private insurance companies approved by the CPF Board.

There are a number of health insurance policies that are able to cover you for surgeries or inpatient treatment at a private hospital.

If you are a Singaporean / PR patient with an Integrated Shield Plan, you may be eligible for our Cashless Service. Patients who qualify for this service may be admitted for treatment at Farrer Park Hospital with no payment required for bills up to SGD30,000.

Please take note that the Cashless Service does not apply to general exclusions such as extra meals, lodgers, rehabilitation products, deluxe accommodation, and so on.

Call +65 6705 2880, or send us an enquiry to find out if your insurance plan covers you and your loved ones for Farrer Park Hospital.

An Integrated Shield Plan is an optional health insurance policy that enhances your existing Medishield Life entitlement to provide additional coverage for B1 or A wards at restructured hospitals, and private hospitals.

An Integrated Shield Plan consists of:

  • MediShield Life
  • Additional Private Insurance Coverage

MediShield Life

  • All Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents are covered under this basic health insurance plan
  • Coverage for life
  • Covers pre-existing conditions
  • Covers treatment costs for Class B2/C wards at public hospitals

Integrated Shield Plan

  • Provides additional coverage for treatment at private hospitals or Class A/B1 wards at public hospitals
  • Managed by private insurers
  • Option to top up with rider which covers co-insurance and/or deductible

With an Integrated Shield Plan and a full rider that covers private hospitals, you may be fully covered for treatment at Farrer Park Hospital.

We accept the following Integrated Shield Plan providers:
AIA, Aviva, AXA, Great Eastern, NTUC and Prudential.

Integrated Shield Plan Provider

Private Hospital Plan Product Name


Healthshield Gold Max A


MyShield Plan 1


AXA Shield Plan A


Supreme Health P Plus


Enhanced Income Shield Preferred


PRUshield Premier

*Terms and conditions apply. Please check with the respective insurance companies on full policy details.

With our Cashless Service Program, you can be admitted for treatment at Farrer Park Hospital with no payment needed at admission or discharge.

To be eligible for $30,000 cashless, you will need:

Singaporean / 
Permanent Resident

Private-As-Charged Plan
(with Policy in-Force > 1 year)

Medisave Balance > $10,000

No exclusion (or exclusion unrelated to admission as confirm by your admitting doctor)

To find out more or to start your Cashless Service application, contact our Business Office Hotline at
+65 6705 2880 or write in to us at [email protected].

*Our Business Office Hotline operational hours:
Monday to Friday (Excluding Public Holidays) 8.30am to 5.30pm