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Heart Smart

The heart may just be the size of a large human fist but there are more to the organ than you know. After all, it is responsible for transporting blood and oxygen to the rest of your body, including the lungs, so you can breathe. 

A healthy heart is essential to good health. While a family history of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) contributes to one’s risk, there are many other ways to reduce your risk factor. In this section learn how to beat the risks of CVD with diet, lifestyle and preventive screening.

Learn more about the type of heart and how one can beat the risks to stay in the pink of health. 

Heart Diseases 

Heart disease encompasses a wide range of conditions that involve the heart and the various components for its function.

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A healthy heart is essential to good health. Learn how to beat the risks of heart disease with diet, lifestyle and preventive screening.

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Heart Risks

Learn how factors such as age, gender, diet and lifestyle contribute to risks of heart problems.

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