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How much will it cost at Farrer Park Hospital?

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Hospitalisation and surgeries can be daunting experiences with the many factors to consider even before admission. One of the primary aspects that concern patients is the fees involved, what they consist of, and how to go about financing the bill.

We, at the Farrer Park Hospital, understand that funds and insurance documents have to be prepared in advance. Therefore, we have compiled a list of our common procedures and treatments and how much they would cost.

The total bill consists of two general fees – 

Doctor’s fees - consisting of professional/surgeon fees, anesthetist fees, medical reports, and/or medication, investigative tests, consumables, equipment originating from the doctor’s clinic, etc.

Hospital fees – consisting of accommodation, daily treatment fees, surgical suite/ facility fees, surgical instruments, histopathology fees, rehab services, radiotherapy fees, and/or medication, investigative tests, consumables, equipment originating from the hospital, etc.

Important Note

The cost estimations are gained from information on hospital and doctors’ fees collected in the past one year. They are based on what patients have previously paid for these procedures. Cost estimations are not meant to suggest that these will be the fees to be paid. The doctor will decide on the final professional fees.

Depending on a patient's medical condition, and if a patient has medical complications, or stays in the executive deluxe room or VIP suite, a bigger total bill size should be expected. Generally, the medical condition, type of treatment, length of stay, and doctors' fees will affect the actual bill size. Prices may be revised from time to time by the hospital. Other terms and conditions may apply.

* Prices are quoted in Singapore dollars and includes 9% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Estimated bill for specific treatment

Here is a list of the procedures commonly performed at Farrer Park Hospital. Select one to find out more.

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