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TODAY – August 1, 2021

‘I would do it all over again’: Nurses tell of how their passion for caring for the sick keeps them going.’

For Nurses’ Day 2021, Nurse Manager Sih Siew Gaik from our 24-Hour Medical Urgency Clinic told TODAY what inspired her to be a trauma nurse. She also detailed the highlights of her nursing career which included a 10-year stint in Saudi Arabia where she had the first hand experience with MERS and aftermath of a bomb blast.
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The Straits Times – July 11, 2021

‘It was easy to learn English on the job, from patients’

For Senior Enrolled Nurse Aye Aye Mon, Singapore has been her second home for the past 14 years. Here, she gets to practice the art of nursing and care for patients from all walks of life. In this article, she shares more about her nursing journey with The Straits Times.
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The Straits Times – July 11, 2021

'I get to meet people from different races and cultures'

Working in Singapore has always been a dream for our Senior Staff Nurse Karthiga Vinayagam. What started off as curiosity eventually led her to pursuing her nursing career and starting a life here. Learn more about her nursing journey as she shares her story with The Straits Times.
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TODAY – May 15, 2021

The Big Read: Frontline healthcare workers pushed to limits by non-stop, never-ending COVID-19 fight

Our Staff Nurse Princess Joyce Aguas is among those who has been on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article with TODAY, SN Princess reveals the greatest challenge she faced during this period – seeing her parents struggle with COVID-19 infections while she is far from home, on the frontline in Singapore.
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SNA Connect May - Dec 2020

From Operating Room Nurses to Ward Nurses: Caring for COVID-19 Patients

Staff Nurses Saguntala Devi and Estee Kristine B. Cantos are both operating room nurses with little experience working in the wards. Their lives changed when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The operating room nurses at Farrer Park Hospital were activated and trained within a tight timeline to care for patients in the wards.

“As operating room nurses, we only see patients in the operating theatre when they arrive for their surgery. In the wards, we have to interact with them and care for them,” explained SN Devi.

One of the challenges that these nurses had to overcome was the language barrier as most of their patients were foreign workers who did not understand much English. The full PPE made the communication difficult but these nurses do not have any regrets.

“There is nothing more meaningful than seeing the patients I cared for, recover and go home to their family safely,” SN Devi concluded.

TODAY – March 14, 2020

The Big Read: The untold sacrifices by frontline healthcare workers as they soldier on against Covid-19

Senior Staff Nurse Nicholas Zhu took on 12-hour rotating shifts in his PPE during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. When attending to suspect cases, the 34-year-old would be in full PPE over long hours and perspiration would often cause his goggles to fog up but he would have to leave it on throughout his entire shift. Learn more how being on the frontline is like for healthcare workers like SSN Nicholas in this article with TODAY Online.
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