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I'm a Male Nurse and I Choose Nursing

Featuring Staff Nurse Dave Baneas, EC

Nurses are the heart of healthcare and they play a vital role in patients’ lives. While the profession remains a female-dominated industry with age-old perceptions that it is a ‘job for women’, there are more male nurses now than ever who have responded to their calling and chosen nursing.

Breaking Stereotypes

The increase of male nurses over the last few decades dismisses the notion that nursing is for women. Many may have the impression that male nurses are not as caring or compassionate compared to women, but this is not true.

Male nurses work just as hard as female nurses, if not more. With them being generally stronger than female nurses physically, they are often tasked with lifting heavy medical equipment or lifting patients onto or off beds and chairs.

Sharing his opinion on the stigma surrounding male nurses, Staff Nurse (SN) Dave Baneas said: “I don’t think that gender affects anything because in nursing, what matters most is compassion and care (for patients).”

“As nurses, we also go through various quality training to enhance our skills, attitudes, and gain more knowledge. This helps us in understanding patients better and also gives us confidence,” added SN Dave, who has been an Emergency Department nurse for eight years with the last five years spent in Farrer Park Hospital.

“I once had thoughts of becoming an engineer because it seemed like a more masculine job,” SN Dave revealed, “but I learned to love nursing along the way.”

Heart Is What Matters Most

When asked if he has any advices for aspiring male nurses, SN Dave said: “Every profession is unique. My advice is to pursue whatever makes you happy. Remember that the foundation of nursing is care. Nursing is a dynamic (career) with many fields to choose from. Though female nurses currently dominate the industry, you can make a difference in your own ways with perseverance and passion.”

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