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Dear Aspiring Nurses

Graduating from a university or polytechnic and entering the workforce is a notable milestone. However, as fresh graduates, some may get anxious at the thought of not knowing what awaits them in the working world.

For 24-year-old Staff Nurse (SN) Zatu Imanah from Farrer Park Hospital’s Inpatient Suite 10, nursing is all about showing dedication, empathy and being meticulous at work.

Where It All Began

The National University of Singapore (NUS) graduate decided to pursue Nursing after receiving her ‘A’ level results as she believed that it will be a career that will be applicable to her day-to-day basis. During her three years of nursing studies in NUS, SN Zatu was exposed to a plethora of theory and practical knowledge. She was also exposed to working with students from Medicine and Pharmacy which gave her a broader knowledge about the medical field.

However, apart from the clinical aspect of nursing, SN Zatu also shared that it is important to learn how to communicate with patients and their families when they are on the ground.

Where It All Began

Thanks to her internship as a student, SN Zatu got the chance to work with different medical professionals and received first-hand experience of what it is like to be a nurse.

“During attachments is where you learn the most. Always ask questions when you are in doubt as that is where you learn and nurture your skills as a nurse,” SN Zatu shared.

As much as being in the nursing field can be mind boggling and nerve racking, it is always rewarding. SN Zatu shared her experience when she joined Farrer Park Hospital where there were patients who would show their appreciation through handwritten letters and it would brighten up her day.

Tips for Aspiring Nurses

Fresh graduates who are eager to enter the nursing field should always prepare themselves for challenges as they are always presented with unexpected situations.

“Always use your clinical attachments as a stepping stone to expose yourself to the nursing field. As much as nursing is a field that requires hard work and passion, it is a rewarding career when you know that you are the reason behind a patient’s smile,” SN Zatu added.

SN Zatu’s message to all fresh graduates out there is to persevere despite tough circumstances, ask as many questions as they can during internships and never forget their passion for nursing.

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