Inpatient Suite

Farrer Park Hospital has a mix of accommodation is available to cater to different preferences. Currently, we are licensed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Singapore to operate 121 beds.

Wifi are available in all the suites, which are located at levels 7 to 10 of the hospital. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, all inpatient suites are equipped with tablets for infotainment needs.

Our Inpatient Television (IPTV) offers access to news and entertainment shows, movies, games and the Internet. A wide variety of dietary options is also available for selection via the tablet. Meals are specially designed by the hospital dietitian and chefs from One Farrer Hotel.

Other standard features in our suites are the LED lights, height-adjustable hangers in the wardrobes, sofas and a built-in counter for hand-washing. There is also a washing bench in the ensuite bathrooms. Volker beds together with pressure-relieving mattresses are used in all room types to ensure maximum comfort for all our inpatients. The bay window seats also offer panoramic views of the city or the gardens. Dedicated butler services are also available.

Farrer Park Hospital has a bed-washing programme. Our beds will be decontaminated and washed in a special cart washer for good hygiene practices. ​​

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