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Patient Family Education

Ankle Sprain Management

Learn how incorporating R.I.C.E after an ankle sprain can help speed up your recovery.

Cataract Surgery Post-Operation Care

Cataract surgery replaces the lens in the eye with  an artificial lens. It is generally a safe and common procedure.

Chemotherapy - Managing The Side Effects

Learn what the common side effects of chemotherapy are and how to manage them while you undergo chemotherapy treatment.

Eye Laser Post-Procedure Care

Eye laser procedures are commonly used to treat cases of retinal detachment or retinal breaks, floaters and flashes. Find out how to care for your eyes after the procedure.

Multiple Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs)

Do you know what Multiple Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO) infections are? Here's a quick guide on what you should well as how they are prevented.

Patient-Controlled Analgesia

Find out how to administer pain medication through a PCA machine without having to go through repeated injections. 

Percutaneous Gastrostomy Tube (PEG)

Find out how to use a Percutaneous Gastrostomy Tube, how to ensure it is kept clean while using it and how to care for the stoma site. 

Pressure Injury

What are pressure injuries, who are at risk of them and how can they be managed? Find out here.

Surgical Drains

What to expect when you are recovering at home after surgery as well as how to measure and use a surgical drain.

Total Knee Replacement

Learn how to ensure a speedy recovery after knee replacement surgery with a focus on wound healing and optimum resting positions.

Vitrectomy Surgery - Post-Operative Care

A guide if you have gone through post vitrectomy surgery, how to ensure your eyes heal well as well as signs to look our for that may require medical assistance.

Wound Care

Wound care is imperative after surgery to ensure effective healing and prevent unneccesary infection. Learn how to care for your wound in our guide.