Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery is a surgical specialty that helps to preserve the unique functions of hands from being lost to disease and injury, and to restore those that have already been lost. Hand injuries and rheumatic diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, damage the structures in the hand. Other conditions include fractures, tendon and nerve injuries, arthritis and nerve entrapments,

Treatments can be surgical and non-surgical care and includes therapy. Surgical procedures include congenital upper limb deformity correction and reconstruction, joint replacement and reconstruction in the upper limb, management of fractures in the upper limb, microsurgery, peripheral nerve surgery, restoring function to paralysed upper limbs, small joint arthroscopy and soft tissue and bone reconstructive surgery in cases of trauma, tumor and infection.

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Our Panel of Hand Surgery Specialists

Dr. Yeo Chong Jin

more than 5 years experience in specialty

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Dr. Peng Yeong Pin

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Dr. Andrew Yam Kean Tuck

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