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​​​During financial counselling, patient will be informed of the following:
- Estimated doctor’s fees;
- Estimated hospital charges;
- Required deposit.
Patient can appoint a representative to act on his / her behalf during the period of hospitalisation.
Patient would need to acknowledge that he / she:
- understand the explanation on the above that is given;
- fully understand that the cost estimation may differ from actual charges and his / her representative can approach the Business Office and the doctor's clinic/s for a revised estimate;
- agree to the hospital collecting the doctor's fee on the doctor's behalf;
- consent to have the appointed representative top up the deposit during the patient’s hospitalisation should the charges exceed the initial deposit.
Patient would need to declare that he / she:
- is not bankrupt or insolvent;
- not subject to any bankruptcy, insolvency or similar;
- has no receiver / trustee appointed to his / her assets;
- has not entered into any composition / arrangement with creditors.
For more information, please call: 6705 2880
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