Click here to view our updated COVID-19 visitor policy.

Receiving Care

We have taken special precautions to protect you in all outpatient waiting areas: 

  • Extra supplies of hand sanitizer.
  • Floor markings in the lifts for safe distance.
  • Seating arranged and marked to promote social distancing.
  • Robust cleaning and sanitizing practices.
  • Separate waiting areas for visitors at Emergency Clinic with possible flu-like symptoms.

If you are visiting any medical clinics, you are also required to perform another check in and out via the TraceTogether app or token.

While our staff are attending to you:

  • You and your care team will stay masked.
  • Frequent and robust handwashing is required.
  • Care is delivered efficiently and effectively while allowing physical distance.
  • Consultation and exam rooms are arranged for social distancing.
  • Our lab and diagnostic imaging services has full capacity in the event if additional results are required by your doctors.