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Transient Global Amnesia


What is Transient Global Amnesia?

Another sudden, temporary interruption of short-term memory is known as transient global amnesia (TGA). While these episodes are usually brief with temporary effects, patients suffering from TGA usually do not remember that it happened. Recent events or conversations may be forgotten too. During each TGA episode, patients may find themselves asking repetitive questions such as “What am I doing here?” or “How did I get here?”

While there is no reported known cause yet, adults aged above 50 years old are more likely to experience TGA. The condition is not to be confused with dementia as during each TGA episode, patients are still aware of their identities and retain the same level of consciousness to perform complex routine tasks.

TGA typically goes away within 24 hours. However, patients who have experienced TGA episodes are encouraged to consult a doctor for an examination and diagnosis. Tests such as neurological examination, blood tests, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scan or a psychiatric evaluation can be done to determine the presence of the condition.

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