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Early Onset

Many people with early-onset are in their 40s and 50s. Alzheimer’s diesease is the most common cause of early-onset dementia. Early-onset dementia may be difficult to diagnose initially as some symptoms may be similar to a late-onset Alzheimer’s. They can also appear in more unusual ways in younger adults. This can make it more difficult for families and doctors to recognize. Some of these early symptoms include:

  • Memory
    Memory problems that interfere with everyday life. This may include forgetting messages or recent events that would normally be remembered, or repeating questions.

  • Confusion
    People may become confused in unfamiliar situations and lose a sense of place and time.

  • Changes in personality and behavior
    These may be subtle at first. People may become low in mood, irritable, lose their confidence or show less interest in the things they used to love.

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