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Our Pioneers


We take a walk down memory lane with our first employees to find out what their journey was like at the start before the hospital opened its doors to the world.

Radiating Brilliance and Excellence 

Allied health professionals are important members of a hospital that plays a big part in patient's lives. In this article, we speak to our Principal Radiation Therapist, Vincent Tan, to learn more about his early days at the hospital.

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Mastering The He(art) of Nursing

Join us as we take a walk down memory lane with Nurse Managers Kalaivani Selvi and Cheong Mee Foong to find out more about their nursing journey and what the profession means to them.

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Engineering Behind the Scenes

Doctors and nurses are not the only staff in a hospital. There are allied health professionals, administrative and service staff, and not to forget, a group who often goes unnoticed - the operational team.

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