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Dr. Vina Doshi

Dr. Vina Doshi

  • Specialty Geriatric Medicine
  • Languages English Gujarati Hokkien Malay

Contact Information

  • Clinic
    Agewell Seniors Clinic
    1 Farrer Park Station Rd, #08-04 Connexion, Singapore 217562
    Mon - Fri: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    Sat: 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


Dr. Vina Doshi is a consultant physician and specialist with a rich experience in caring for the elderly. She obtained her MBBS from the University of Leeds in 1995.

Dr. Doshi then spent a further year in Leeds completing her Internship and returned in late 1996 to continue with her medical career in Singapore.

Dr. Doshi attained the MRCP (UK) qualification in 2001 and obtained her Specialist qualification in Geriatric Medicine in 2004.

She was previously Consultant Geriatrician and Director of the Geriatric Day Hospital and Geriatric Centre in Changi General Hospital where she dedicated 9 years of service. She was also a member of the Patient Safety Committee and was the primary leading physician running the Falls Clinic in the hospital.

She was interviewed in the “Caring” magazine in 2006 and has been quoted in several Straits Time articles in 2010 regarding her expertise in falls management. She has written several papers on complications of stroke, reasons for long stay in hospital and several poster presentations on the issue of falls and the care of the elderly patient with hip fractures. Dr Doshi has also written a chapter in the book “Behind the stethoscope”, which is a compilation of doctors’ personal reflections in medicine.

Dr. Doshi is a strong proponent of community-based care for the elderly. She formed AgeWell ARTSZ Medical Group Pte Ltd in 2010 to set up several community based services for the elderly. Her interests are in the geriatric syndromes (acute confusion, dementia, falls, incontinence) as well as in geriatric rehabilitation and day rehabilitation services and heart failure in the elderly. One of her passions now in community based elderly care is in management of dementia (especially the behavioural aspects), nutrition in the elderly and most importantly, support and education for the caregivers.

Dr. Vina's specialty interests are acute confusion, day rehabilitation services, dementia, falls geriatric rehabilitation, geriatric syndromes and heart failure.

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