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The People of Farrer Park Hospital
This column features Farrer Park Hospital (FPH) staff personalities and uncovers the untold stories that inspires them and how it makes them an invaluable part of FPH.
Nantheni Raggulan
Radiation Therapist,
Radiation Oncology Suite (ROS)
(FPH Family since August 2014)
For Nantheni, her learning journey never stops.

Upon graduating from Nanyang Polytechnic, Nantheni chose FPH as her first employer, joining the Radiation Oncology Suite (ROS) Department before it was even officially operational. In 2014, when ROS was in a developmental stage, it only had a team of four members including herself. Running on lean manpower, staff could not freely opt to go on long term breaks and holidays.

Furthering her education has always been on her mind but with a tight work schedule she had to be real in choosing a course that would not compromise her work. As such, Nantheni narrowed down the various options and began pursuing her degree with London South Bank University which offers a one year conversion distance learning program. With the support of her colleagues in FPH, she started the course in 2015 while juggling both work and studies. And by September 2016, Nantheni completed the course with first class honours. As a Valedictorian, she confidently delivered an inspiring speech during her convocation ceremony.

Nantheni humbly attributes her accomplishment to her family members and colleagues who helped her to overcome the challenges of balancing academics and work simultaneously.
“My husband (then boyfriend) has also been my constant pillar of support, playing a critical role in propelling me to go further in the journey of my education."
"Besides the unwavering support from my family and loved ones, the excellent work culture in FPH and encouragement received from my colleagues has been integral in my accomplishment of goals, enabling me to achieve unexpected results with hard work and perseverance."
A talent unknown to many which Nantheni shared is her passion in dancing. She excels in both modern and traditional Indian dance and has taken part in many competitions and performances since primary school! A well-rounder in both work and performing arts, Nantheni was also from the Drama Club.

Now that you have known Nantheni better, do greet a friendly "Hello!" when you spot her around FPH!
Farrer Park Hospital's Annual Scientific Meeting 2017-
Game Changing and Disruptive Innovations meet
Fundamentals of
Structure in Healthcare

Farrer Park Hospital’s 2nd Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM), was held on 19 August 2017 at Connexion, level 6 ballroom. Themed “Game Changing Therapies of This Current Era", the conference’s objective was to share insights and diverse views. Industry experts, both from the private and public sector, including pioneer physicians, and medical students presented their thoughts to help better prepare GPs and Specialists on the changes not just in terms of the clinical aspect, but shifts in the fundamentals of the structure in the Healthcare sector.

Prof Maurice Choo, Chairman of FPH opened the session with his message of how Medicine, through history, has shifted from “Ars Longa, Vita Brevis” (Learning the art of medicine is long, Life is short) to “Ars Brevis, Vita Longa” (Learning the art of medicine is short, Life is long).
Invited guest speaker Dr Jeremy Lim, renowned industry expert, also reiterated this fact and expounded on how governments are making policy changes to address the issue of managing a greying population.
The Meeting also brought pioneers and students together to share the stage. Final year medical student, Priscillia Lye from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, presented a paper on “Antibiotic Resistant Organism Carriage in the Singapore Community” and fellow student Jereme Cheong, Year 3, Co-chair of Wong Hock Boon Session, was a panelist in the session.
Priscillia Lye also expressed her eagerness to learn from the discussions,
“The event is meaningful to me on various levels as a medical student. I am very fortunate to meet many seniors through this event and I have learnt a lot from the talks and discussion. It puts a whole new perspective beyond academics, allowing me to see the big picture which changes how I think when I eventually enter the profession next year and see what I can do to contribute to the change we have talked about.”
As a discussant of the medical student's presenting topic, Farrer Park Medical Centre (FPMC) Infectious Diseases Specialist, Dr Asok Kurup, added

“This is how we nurture the Medical undergraduates, taking them out of their classroom and challenging their assumptions.”

Having recently won the Oncology Provider of the Year and Leading Hospital for Cardiovascular Care at the Global Health and Travel Awards and Icons of Healthcare respectively, we were poised to deliver a wide range of topics on Oncology and Cardiovascular diseases.

Dr Tan Yew Oo, Singapore’s first medical oncologists as well as Prof Soo Khee Chee, founding Director, National Cancer Centre Singapore, Deputy CEO, Research and Education, Singapore Health Services, gave their perspective on disease management in their respective field, alongside the presenting Medical Doctors.

This year’s ASM was a roaring success as we saw a full-house turnout, with over 370 GPs, medical specialists and healthcare professionals attending the event.

The sponsors enjoyed the massive event and appreciated the efforts poured into organizing it. One of our sponsors’ representative, Joseph Peh, Product Specialist, Medtronic, shared

“We are very honoured to be taking part of FPH ASM this year. It is also a vital
avenue where we could partner and contribute to the scientific advancement from a company perspective by supporting FPH’s medical progression as a whole.”
"The turnout was amazing, the industry support was strong and the speakers all brought their best ‘game’ to address the theme game changing therapies and disruption to healthcare and how to adapt to the changes moving forward. The response of medical students was fantastic and we feel that the future of medicine is promising. Change is inevitable but the talent is there."

ASM chairman Dr Peter Robless
"I'm delighted with the range and depth of the discussions today.
The speakers offered many valuable insights encompassing a variety of topics and the audience were also very forthcoming with their queries after the lectures.
It’s wonderful to see everyone having a good time while learning from these discussions.

ASM Co-Chairman Dr Ruth Kam

Thanks to Dr Peter Robless, Chairman of FPH ASM 2017, Dr Ruth Kam and Dr Robert Lim, Co-chairman of FPH ASM 2017, the organizing committee, speakers, volunteers, participants, as well as our sponsors for making this event an outstanding success.

Please visit for more on the event.

Asian Hospital Management Awards for Talent Development marks FPH's 13th Award in 2017

Farrer Park Hospital has won the prestigious Excellence Award - Talent Development at the Asian Hospital Management Awards (AHMA) 2017!

The award recognizes FPH’s effort in staff development, bringing about improved staff retention rate, employee engagement, improved customer service, and nursing excellence.

Participated by 102 hospitals from 17 countries in the region, Farrer Park Hospital is honored to be the only private hospital in Singapore to have won at the Asian Hospital Management Awards 2017, recognizing and honouring hospitals in Asia that implement best practices.

Now in its 16th year, it is one of the most highly accepted hospital management awards program for the Asia Pacific region. Awards are given to hospitals that, in the opinion of the judges and advisers, have implemented or enhanced outstanding and innovative projects, programs, and best practices during a specific period of time.

Our CEO, Dr Timothy Low, together with the Head of Human Resource, Mr Jeethu Syriac and the Head of Corporate Communications, Ms Ho Whei Chern, received the award on behalf of FPH at the Shangri-La, Fort Manila, Philippines on 24th August 2017.
Congratulations to FPH once again for winning our 13th award in 2017!

Knowledge and Best Practices Sharing with Friends and Specialists from the region

Farrer Park Hospital was honoured to host a group of 18 Bangladeshi doctors to a Continual Medical Education session with our specialists, Gastroenterologist Dr Vincent Lai, General Surgeon Dr Kan Yuk Mun and Nephrologist Dr Loh Ping Tyug.

As a strong proponent of education, our facilities is constructed with sharing of knowledge as a priority. Our focus on providing value to our partners is a key principle here at FPH. With a regional office established in Dhaka, we organized this session as an extension, to share best practices with our healthcare counterparts in Bangladesh.

Prof Dr Mohammad Abul Bashar, Principal of the Department of Cardiology at Dhaka National Medical College and Hospital was impressed with the setup of the hospital. He also enjoyed the lively sessions with FPMC specialists. “I have been to many educational trips such as these. This trip to Singapore is definitely time worthy as the knowledge of these specialist is excellent. The session is useful as sharing knowledge allows everyone to benefit.”

Prof Dr Mohammad Fazlul Kadir also from the Dhaka National Medical College agreed. “I enjoyed the exchange of views. I find it informative. There are things we can bring back and see how we can improve our standard of care.”

Dr Timothy Low , CEO of FPH says: “Farrer Park Hospital is happy that our regional outreach has garnered such positive response. Such sessions help to engage our regional communities allowing them to know more about the level of clinical care and service available here. The knowledge gained will also help to raise standards of care as the delegates are all well respected in their field of practice.”

World of Flavours | 3-course Western meal
Click on the image to view the full video.
Set the video quality to HD for better viewing.
Here’s how to make a heart healthy meal; high in Omega 3-fatty acids. Three simple dishes in just 30 minutes, serving up celeriac apple soup, pan-roasted salmon, spaghetti marinara and fricassee of asparagus, mushrooms and capsicums.
All under 600 calories!
FPH LunchGoWhere Series #4
VXX cooperative
A quaint café named after its unit code, 5-20, VXX Cooperative is situated near FPH, along Foch Road. With a contrast of simplistic design and furniture against the vintage tiled floor, it looks inviting for a relaxing lunch. On the cosy side, VXX has limited seating and a small kitchen. Be prepared to wait slightly longer during peak lunch hours. The menu is not extensive but changes on a regular basis every 3 to 4 months to ensure freshness of seasonal ingredients used for each dish.
One of the favourite dishes, Porcini Mac & Cheese ($17) took the usual fare up a notch with seared scallops and caviar. Speckled generously with chilli flakes, each mouthful delivers a satisfying taste of cheesy carb combination with spiced goodness and taste of scallop bits.
If you have a larger group of 6 pax or more, it is likely that you and your meal buddies will be seated outside to enjoy alfresco dining under the natural warm lighting.
This area is also directly across the kitchen counter and you will be able to observe live cooking in progress.
Teriyaki Chicken Burger ($17) comes in an impressive height with shiny glazed bread. It also features cheddar cheese, flavourful tomatoes, cornflakes for the extra crunch and a sunny side-up egg parked within the bun, served with a generous portion of spiced wedges.
From the All-day Breakfast section ($6 - $20), choice of sides include, mushrooms, smoked salmon, homemade hummus, handmade sausages and eggs method of preparation, can be customized on top of the toasted sourdough or brioche.
To end your meal on a sweet note, do order the highly raved Butterscotch Hot Chocolate ($7), made with 52% dark Ghanaian cocoa. Each sip is an indulgence of decadent chocolate liquid with caramelized undertones that will send you on a sugar high.
VXX Cooperative
Address: 20 Foch Road, Singapore 209261
Tel: +65 8720 0093
Operating Hours
10am - 9pm | Monday - Saturday
10am - 6pm | Sunday
Dining Deals for All in Connexion
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