Urine Test

What is a Urine Test?

A urine test or urinalysis is a laboratory test to help detect problems that may be shown by your urine. Urine is liquid waste from the body and consists mainly of water, salt, urea and uric acid. Disease and infection can affect the appearance of your urine, it's concentration and content. Urianalysis is used to detect early-stage diseases like kidney disease, liver disease and diabetes. 

What happens before a Urine Test?

You will be given a sterile container to collect your sample in. Drink some water so that you will have an adequate amount of urine for the sample.

What happens during a Urine Test?

You will be asked to obtain a clean catch urine sample to prevent bacteria from getting in the sample.

Clean the area with the sterile wipe before urinating a small amount into the toilet. Then collect the sample in the container. Avoid touching the inside of the container so you don’t transfer bacteria from your hands to the sample.

Fill the container about half full, then secure the lid on the container. Wash your hands after the sample collection procedure. The sample should be 

What happens after a Urine Test?

You will be given a follow up appointment to review your test results. Should you feel unwell, contact your doctor immediately or call our 24-Hour Medical Urgency Clinic.

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