How Much Sugar Is Too Much?

  • 15 Apr 2020

As announced by Senior Minister of State for Health Mr Edwin Tong, there will be a new system called "Nutri-Grade" to assess the sugar contents in pre-packaged, non-alcoholic drinks in Singapore from 2021.

Our Principal Dietitian Mah Wai Yee went on Channel 8's Budget 'N' You to shed some insights on the new initiative and all-things sugar.

High nutritional values and high sugar content

According to Miss Mah, fruit juice may be high in fiber and vitamins but it also carries high sugar contents. In fact, a glass of 500ml fruit juice is said to contain up to nine tea spoons of sugar.

"For average adults, the daily recommended sugar intake is 10 tea spoons. This is a figure that most people can easily exceed if we factor in our daily coffee or tea," added Miss Mah.

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Contributed by

Miss Mah Wai Yee
Principal Dietitian
Farrer Park Hospital