Pre-Marital Screening Package


Marriage is a significant milestone in life where two people commit to building a life together. However, before becoming wrapped up in the inevitable stress of wedding preparation, one essential to-do is a pre-marital health screening.

Our pre-marital health screening package assesses the pre-marital health of couples as you chart family planning together. Besides identifying potential health problems, a pre-marital health check up means issues like infectious and transmissible diseases are identified, as well as possible genetic risks for your offspring.

Knowing these helps you and your partner understand your heredities and take essential precautions or treatments. But, more importantly, to better prepare to care for each other, as both of you begin a life together blissfully.

Listen to Dr. Grace Soo's interview on the importance of pre-marital screening here.


Couple/Pre-Marital Screening Package

1 Pax $301.80 |  Couple $503.67 (including GST, wef January 1, 2023)


Pre- and Post- Consultation


Height, Weight and BMI
Blood Pressure
Visual Acuity and Color Vision


Hematology Panel

Full Blood Count
Peripheral Blood Film
Blood Group (ABO)

Diabetic Screen

Glucose, Fasting

Thalassemia Screen

Hb Electrophoresis

Immunology Panel

Hepatitis Bs Antigen & Antibody
Rubella IgG Antibody


STD Screen

Syphilis Antibody
HIV Antibody

Thyroid Profile

T4, Free  

Semen Analysis  

Urine Analysis

Urine FEME

 Men only      Ladies only

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