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FPH's 3rd Anniversary
Celebrating 3 years of delivering COMFORT . FAIRNESS . VALUE
16 March holds great significance to us as it not only marks our humbled beginnings 3 years ago, but also represents our vision and desire to achieve greater heights in the healthcare industry.

We thank you for your constant support and we are definitely encouraged to continue to do our best for our patients, our staff and our doctors.

In conjunction with FPH Staff Town Hall, our friends @ FPH shares their sentiments and well wishes for FPH's 3rd Anniversary as they grow together with the organization. Click to catch the full video!
FPH Highlights
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Farrer Park Hospital's Nursing Care and Multidisplinary Team efforts gets a thumbs up!
Madam Cao, 69 from Sichuan China is blessed with a wonderful and supportive family. When they found out she had a tumour in her stomach, they were very concerned and as the prognosis was dire, they decided to do whatever they could to save her.

With the critical diagnosis, they decided the best place was Singapore. Focusing the search for the best available care in Singapore, Madam Li, Madam Cao’s daughter decided on Farrer Park Hospital. This decision came through consultations with many of their trusted friends who have gone for medical treatments abroad. The hospital is new, facilities are nice and importantly, have experienced doctors that came highly recommended.
Part of the team of specialists are in the middle (from left, in clockwise direction) Dr Nicholas Chew, Infectious Disease, Dr Chong Kian Tai, Urology, Dr Richard Chew, General Surgery and Dr Tan Yew Oo, Medical Oncology.
“We understand that there is never a 100% in terms of medical outcome. But our mother was very ill, we were prepared for the worst. But we knew we had to find the best available option and at least give it a shot. We are glad that we chose Farrer Park Hospital because it was truly a team effort. It wasn’t just one doctor, but the whole team. From Dr Tan Yew Oo for cancer treatment, Dr Richard for surgery, Dr Chong Kian Tai, Urology, Dr Khong Kok Sun, Orthopedics, Dr Robert Lim, Medical Oncology, Dr Nicholas Chew, Infectious Diseases and Dr Joy Tan, Ophthalmology” said Madam Li.

Our family was very impressed by how responsible, responsive and dedicated the doctors were. They answered all our questions and handled us with such professionalism and kindness.”
Having spent over 10 months in Singapore, Madam Cao and her family got to know the hospital, doctors and staff well. “The whole experience has been a great one. The nurses at IPS 8 are my family. They take better care of me than my daughters!” Madam Cao joked. Madam Li tears up as she recalls how gentle the nurses are when they bathe Madam Cao every morning. They spoon-fed her on her worst days and make it a point to take her out to view the gardens and farm so she doesn’t feel cooped up. “I am lost for words to be able to thank all the nurses at IPS 8. Even the nurses who cannot speak mandarin will call her mama.” Indeed, the language of care is universal because it does not need translation, it is intuitive and it is felt.

Madam Cao and her family will be going home to celebrate her 70th birthday just round the corner. They are grateful that this is possible through the care they received at Farrer Park Hospital.

The Farrer Park Hospital team wishes Madam Cao and family the very best. We are honoured to have played a part in her journey toward health, happy that she is back with her loving family and humbled at the kind words of her experience.
Love Begins from Inside Out
FPH is a significant place held close to heart for these 3 special couples as they share their love stories from inside and outside of the hospital.
Click on each picture below to unveil the full stories!
Starting from Farrer Park Hospital’s very own sweet hearts
Staff Nurse Apple Legaspi from Endoscopy Suite and Staff Nurse Lloyd Lomigo from Major Surgery Suite,working together in FPH for the past 4 years.
With very different personalities, they both believe in complementing each other by embracing their differences.
Next up, meet our Power Couple
usband and wife,
Dr Matthew Tan, Endocrinologist and
Dr Joy Chan, Ophthalmologist
working in the Farrer Park Medical Center on how they balance their home and work life.
Love extends outside of FPH to our patients and friends Kaydence lives across Farrer Park Hospital (FPH) while her husband, Errol works around the area. Not only have they been patients at FPH on separate occasions, this was also the special spot Errol proposed to Kaydence.
FPH World of Flavours
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Set the video quality to HD for better viewing.

Fancy whipping up an exotic Moroccan 3 course meal? Try out this simple recipe with a healthy twist for a medley taste of subtle spices that brings out an unique flavour combination. Start off with a creamy pumpkin and sweet potato soup followed by Saffron Raisin Rice served with Moroccan Spiced Mackerel with Chermoula Sauce and Sautéed Broccoli & Shimeji Mushroom.

For more healthy meal preps ideas, subscribe to FPH YouTube channel for variety of international cuisines specially crafted by our Principal Dietitian and 5 star hotel chef.

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