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CONNEXIONews Feb 2018

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About Makoplasty
Makoplasty is a joint replacement surgery with the assistance of Mako Robotic-Arm as an advanced treatment option for patients with continuing joint symptoms and pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis. The current Mako System offers Partial Knee, Total Hip and Total Knee applications.

Focusing on Partial Knee Replacement, it is a surgical procedure that helps relieve arthritis in partial compartments of the knee. The enhanced vision and control of the micro-instruments allows high precision of the surgery which brings the following benefits.
  • Preserves the healthy tissue and bone as only the damaged area of the knee joint is replaced, minimizing the trauma to healthy bone and tissue surrounding it
  • Facilitate prosthetic implant optimally for a more comfortable joint post-surgery
  • More rapid recovery and shorter hospital recuperation required than traditional Total Knee Replacement
  • Click to learn more about the procedure from the video below
Partial Knee Replacement
Makoplasty is an alternative treatment available at Farrer Park Hospital.
For more information, send to
World of Flavours
Whip up a special festive cuisine this Lunar New Year! Click to watch and learn the healthy meal crafted by FPH's Principal Dietitian and One Farrer Hotel & Spa Executive Chef. Three abundant courses at only 589 calories!

Start the year right by tossing the Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng, followed by auspicious main course of Steamed Atlantic Cod with Traditional Herbal Essence on Vegetable Peng Cai served with Brown Rice. Finally, discover our delicious dessert, 4 Treasures Tea and Juicy Oranges. Stay Prosperous and Healthy this Lunar New Year!
Lunar New Year Meal
Lunar New Year Treats
*Applicable for FPH, TFPC and OFHS Staff only, till 2nd March 2018

Enjoy Lunar New Year homemade goodies from One Farrer Confectionery at 20% off!
Indulge in these delectable
delights specially created by OFHS culinary team for the festive season. Available for takeaway, these makes excellent gourmet gifts too.
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