Precautionary Hospital-Wide Infection Control Measures

*Updated as of 24 February 2020

Following the directive from the Ministry of Health (MOH), the hospital has stepped up infection control measures for the safety of our patients, visitors and staff. They are -

  • Mandatory health declarations and temperature checks are required from all patients seeking admission or otherwise, and visitors to the hospital
  • While screening patients and visitors at these stations, our staff will be wearing surgical masks
  • If a suspect case is detected
    • The patient will be escorted to the Emergency Clinic (EC) and reviewed by the resident medical officer (RMO)
    • Attending staff at EC will be wearing personal protective equipment
    • The hospital will contact MOH’s duty officer for further instructions
    • Once the patient is transferred or discharged, the hospital will perform terminal cleaning
  • Visitors with the following WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE HOSPITAL, if within the last 14 days, had:
    • Been to Wuhan city or Hubei Province, China; OR
    • Zhejiang Province (including Hangzhou city), China; OR
    • A hospital in mainland China; OR
    • Daegu City or Cheongdo County, South Korea
    • Close contact1 with a case of COVID-19 infection
    • Had frequent or close contact during work2 with recent travellers from mainland China (travel history in the last 14 days)
  • For the purpose of infection prevention and control, the hospital has implemented a restricted visitation protocol 
    • Only 1 visitor per patient at any one time
    • Children below 12 are not allowed
    • Visiting hours will be from 9.00am - 8.00pm daily

Our staff are available on the ground should you need help to navigate around our hospital during this time.

More updates from MOH can be obtained here.

For more updates and clarification from our hospital, please call our 24-hour hotline at 6363 1818 or write to us at

1 Close contact is defined as:
• Anyone who provided care for the patient, including a health care worker or family member, or who had other similarly close physical contact;
• Anyone who stayed (e.g. lived with, visited) at the same place as a case.

2 Persons who attended business meetings/discussions, frontline staff in hospitality and tourism (e.g. hotels, shops, tours) with regular dealings with travellers from mainland China.


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