Why Join Farrer Park Hospital

Why join us?

Farrer Park Hospital’s aim is to become an employer of choice for those in the healthcare industry. With this in mind, we are going beyond offering a friendly and ultra-modern workplace – we will also match the career growth of those on our staff with industry-leading compensation and benefits.

FPH’s attention to detail extends to our people. We invite like minded persons who have a passion to serve and a drive to excel in their area of expertise, to join us.

At FPH, we invest in our people professionally and personally. Our culture is one of mutual respect, trust and encouragement.

Farrer Park Hospital provides:

  • A range of career options
  • Comprehensive and competitive benefits packages
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Education and training opportunities
  • State-of-the-art facilities

If you decide to come on board, you will be joining a team that believes work is a source of accomplishment and great satisfaction, for whom going the extra mile is a habit, and which contributes in every way it can to the lives and good health of our patients.

Do take a look at the opportunities listed here and send in an up-to-date resume and credentials to us soon.

Who We Are

Farrer Park Hospital is a private tertiary healthcare institute set up to offer a fresh approach to medical treatment.

Our care philosophy extends beyond healing and the management of disease to engaging our patients as partners in the pursuit of good health and providing an oasis for realising these goals. Attention has been given to every aspect and detail of the facility, from the comfort of our patients, to its impact on the environment, to the speed and ease of obtaining medical attention, to the maintenance of hygiene.

Current developments in medical technology and treatments have been integrated with the hospital design and architecture, all determined by doctors to enhance our services and better realise our duty to our patients.

The hospital, which has a medical centre attached, is also part of a lifestyle concept which combines healthcare and hospitality. It is set in a new 20-storey building – Connexion - which houses a hotel, a spa and a retail mall. The complex sits on top of the Farrer Park MRT station, in an area rich in history.

Employee Value Proposition


We strive for continuous improvement by encouraging employees to share and learn from each other’s successes and mistakes, so we can move forward together as well as individually.

Change Leader

We want to be at the forefront of developments in the medical industry. As part of this goal, we believe it is necessary to communicate the potential implications of changes to members of our team.

Talent Developer

We coach and develop those who work for us professionally and personally, as this enhances their capabilities and their contribution to the company.

Our People

To us, the members of our staff are the pillars of our hospital. We see each and every one as a vital partner in delivering quality healthcare services to those who need our help.

Organization Values


Fairness in Healthcare


Caring Through Fresh Solutions And Fair Value


Good Medical Care At Fair Value

Our Core Values

COMFORT: Ease, well-being and overall satisfaction
To be thoughtful and respectful of people’s needs at all times so as to provide them with a sense of ease and well-being.

FAIRNESS: Free from self- interest and prejudice
To be impartial and honest in all actions and decisions so as to establish an environment with consistent practices, free from self-interest and prejudice.

VALUE: Commit to stakeholders wholeheartedly
To exceed expectations by performing to the highest standards driven by professionalism and passion.

People Values

Professionalism (behave professionally)
Objective (think objectively)
Kind (act with kindness)
Empathy (demonstrate empathy)

​So what is it like working at FPH? We offer a sneak peek into the lives of our staff at work.

At Farrer Park Hospital, you will be involved in challenging and meaningful work. We offer a friendly work environment where our people take pride in their achievements, the success of others and the quality of their work.

Career Development

We want to help our employees to grow, hence we offer a wide range of training courses to enhance their personal & professional development. Whether you want to develop new management capabilities, improve your customer service skills, or simply enhance your nursing technical competency, we have a course for you.

Staff Welfare

There are activities organised throughout the year to ensure our staff work hard and play hard.

  • Festive celebrations
  • Nurses Day
  • Annual Dinner & Dance
  • Little Ones @ Work
  • Lunch Time Talks


Students from local institutions get a chance to gain on-the-job experience and put their skills to use in exciting projects during their internship stint with us.


  • Annual Leave
  • Family Care Leave
  • Marriage Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Extended/Childcare Leave
  • Adoption Leave
  • Sick & Hospitalisation Leave
  • Critical Illness Leave
  • Prolonged Illness Leave
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Flexi-Benefits for employees and their family
    - Medical Benefits
    - Flexible Benefits: Travel, Gym Membership, etc
  • Flexi-work Arrangements
    - Flexible Start Time
    - Part-time Employment


  • Monthly Salary
  • Annual Wage Supplement
  • Performance Bonus


  • Staff Recognition & Welfare
  • Long Service Awards
  • Staff Events: Dinner and Dance, Family Day, Nurse's Day Celebration, Festive Celebrations, etc.

​FPH believes in investing in our employees. Training and development is essential in all career pathways.