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Allied Health

Senior Radiation Therapist / Radiation Therapist

05 Dec 2019

You shall provide radiation therapy services to patients in the management of cancer or other diseases, with special expertise in the operating of imaging and radiation therapy equipment.

Key responsibilities:

  • Maintain and ensure proper operation of radiotherapy and ancillary equipment to administer radiation treatment prescribed by radiation oncologists, observing radiation safety measures and practice standards.
  • Deliver safe and accurate radiation treatment to patients, complete treatment processes and coordinate patients scheduling.
  • Provide explanation of procedural guidelines and counseling to facilitate and reassure patients of treatment.
  • Monitor and ensure of patient's physical and psychological well-being during the entire course of treatment.
  • Require to work with sealed radioactive materials, electronic and mechanical equipment necessary to assist with administration of radiation treatment.
  • Maintain accurate patient records, performs clerical duties, responsible for designated areas or procedures as required.
  • Perform daily/weekly QA procedures on equipment according to Medical Dosimetrist and Medical Physicist instruction and manufacturers’ recommendations to ensure the optimal performance of these equipment.


  • Diploma / Degree in Medical Radiation Technology or equivalent.
  • Registered with Allied Health Profession Council.
  • Minimum 0-3 years of clinical experience in Medical Radiation Therapy.
  • Familiar with various treatments planning techniques setup associated with efficient beam arrangements, beam energies, dose rates, single/multi isocentre, bolus, MLC, wedges, and patient setup limitations.
  • Familiar with the setup of IMRT/VMAT and SRS/T with IGRT.
  • Participate in radiotherapy machine QA such as linac, CTSim, and brachy machine QA, including the treatment plan QA such as 3D Forward Plan and IMRT/VMAT QA.
  • Knowledgeable in the areas of anatomy, physiology, clinical oncology, radiobiology, radiation physics, and radiation safety.
  • Expertise in the technical aspects of radiation oncology and medical physics to simulate and setup patient to produce optimal external beam/brachytherapy treatment plans.
  • Part-time positions for Radiation Therapists available.