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Nurses' Day

Nurses' Day Message
Every year on August 1, we celebrate a very significant day - the day of the nurses. On this special day, I want to honor all our nurses for the dedicated work they do every day to achieve safe and quality nursing care. Congratulations to all nurses for your selfless contribution for the health of all people.
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A Selfless Calling

Behind The Scenes
40 years of experience; one unwavering commitment. Find out what NM Devi's nursing journey is like behind the scenes.
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I’m a Male Nurse and I Choose Nursing
Breaking stereotypes in a profession dominated by women, this nurse stays true to his passion.
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Nursing During the Pandemic
Find out what it is like to be a nurse on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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A Voice for the Patients
As patient advocates, these nurses intervene when there is a care concern to protect the patients' interests.
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Touching Lives, Touching Hearts

Leading Change As An Educator
A teacher, a mentor and an advocate of learning.
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Experiencing their Work as Part of Learning
Nurses always have an extended job scope - know more, learn more, do more.
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Nursing: It Runs in the Family
Just like their family, these nurses were born to be a nurse.
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Patients Make me a Better Nurse
Inspired by patients to do better and be better.
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