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For Immediate Release 

The Farrer Park Community Comes Together To Enable Everyday Heroes To Shine

Farrer Park Hospital, Specialists and Vendors together with Pek Kio Community Centre enables free cataract surgery for rental flat tenants

Singapore 14 September 2017:  

As a historic site where great things happen, Farrer Park Hospital (FPH) has a lot to live up to. This was the birthplace of Singapore’s aviation industry, the inaugural Independence Rally too was placed in Farrer Park. This is the place where great strides forward were made. At FPH, we believe that to move ahead, we must be mindful not to leave people behind. 

Through Pek Kio Community Centre, we found out that there were elderly residents in the rental flats who required cataract surgery but were unable to afford it. Ophthalmologist, Dr Bobby Cheng, spearheaded the drive to make this effort possible. He gathered like-minded eye specialists Dr Joy Chan, Dr Au Eong Kah Guan and Dr Ajeet Madhav Wagle to join him.

Being daily rated workers, Pek Kio Community Centre worked hard to enable and schedule the residents for their eye checks to ensure they were viable for the surgery. The hospital secured the surgeons’ time and also worked with partners Zeiss, Bausch and Lomb and AMO to ensure patients have the appropriate equipment and lens. FPH also opened their surgical facilities and recovery suites to our special patients.  
Mdm liau500pxl.png 
Eye Specialist Dr Joy Chan and beneficiary Mdm Liau, during consultation (left) and during post-surgery recovery (right)
One recipient who had her sight restored was Mdm Liau Hon Kiau. Despite difficult circumstances, the plucky 71 year old volunteers regularly at Hinghwa Methodist Church. Taking pride in her well-honed skill set, she conducts cooking lessons for the elderly.  Cooking and helping others gave her purpose and a sense of achievement. With her vision deteriorating, she was worried that she may not be able to continue her volunteering. 
Another recipient is Mr Lee Geok Kow. Geok Kow is his brother’s keeper as Mr Lee Geok Leong is deaf and mute. Geok Kow has been taking care of his younger brother since he can remember.  Collecting used cardboard pieces in the wee hours of the morning is an everyday task for the brothers. It is honest work that both brothers are happy to have. But for the senior Mr Lee, his sight was deteriorating. He was worried about whether he could continue to work and more importantly, how he was going to take care of his brother.
Eye Specialist Dr Ajeet Madhav and beneficiary Mr Lee, during consultation (left) and during post-surgery recovery (right)
Both Mr Lee Geok Kow and Mdm Liau Hon Kiau now have fully functioning vision. These are the everyday heroes that FPH and Pek Kio Community Centre wanted to help. It is our privilege to help them restore their sight and play a small role in enabling them to continue to shine in their community. “I am very grateful for this surgery as my compromised sight will not get in the way of my volunteering at the church” expressed a very happy Mdm Liau. 
Over 11 people from the rental block at 47 Owen road were selected by Pek Kio Community Centre based on their needs. “We are very happy that together with our specialists and the community, we could restore the sight of such deserving heroes in our midst. May they continue to shine and give comfort to those around them.” said FPH CEO Dr Timothy Low. Our sponsor, Grace Guang, Managing Director of Bausch & Lomb (Singapore) Private Limited added, “Bausch & Lomb is delighted to have partnered with Farrer Park Hospital and the Specialists at Farrer Park Medical Center in this very significant project. We are also pleased that the patients benefited and their lives are more enriched now.”

Our Contributing Doctors and Sponsors Details

Dr Bobby Cheng
Bobby Cheng Eye & Retina Centre 
(65) 6636 0930

Dr Ajeet Madhav Wagle
International Eye Cataract Retina Centre
(65) 6443 2020

Dr Au Eong Kah Guan
International Eye Cataract Retina Centre
(65) 6443 2020

Dr Joy Chan
International Eye Cataract Retina Centre
(65) 6443 2020

Carl Zeiss S.E. Asia
AMO Singapore Pte Ltd
Bausch & Lomb (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Molnlycke Health Care Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
Vision Lab Eyewear Pte Ltd

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