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Our Nurses! Our Heroes! Beyond the call of Duty
Celebrating our Nurses Instinctive Qualities
Singapore, 28 July 2017
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“Just another day in the office” is our Nurses standard reply when the media spotlight was upon them early June 2017 for rendering assistance to a man who suffered a stroke while driving.  To recap the scenario, our Staff Nurse, Steve Mocsoy who just ended his shift was on his way home and noticed a car had hit the railing and lady passenger was trying to revive the driver. Steve reacted instinctively and activated Code PINK. Code PINK is unique to Farrer Park Hospital (FPH). Designed to respond to situations in the radius of the Connexion Building, has shown that our Nurses are instinctively ready to respond to all civil critical scenarios and save lives in the Community. 
For the newest private tertiary healthcare institution in Singapore, FPH has been accorded with many awards for its achievements from Information Technology (IT) to Service to Human Resource Excellence to Arts and Green Environment.  But nothing gives us more honor and pride, as when our Nurses are recognized for their bravery and taking obligations to another level to save lives. The heroism within them gives us comfort in knowing that our Nurses are the best of the crop with immense spirit and character. These are the Nurses who we are proud to say are our FPH Heroes!   

Steve Mocsoy, Staff Nurse, Endoscopy Suite 

Steve likes the family culture in FPH. A culture where everyone is approachable and recognizes each other’s efforts. He believes that one does not just perform work duties to meet the bare minimum and constantly strives for self-improvement in each task assigned to him.   By seeking regular feedback from patients and peers, he believes that the mutual feedback system allows staff to learn effectively on the ground. 
Always wanting to improve, he initiated the need to firm up protocols. And with each challenge, he ensured optimal method via effective communication across the departments involved.  

Steve revealed that if he were not a nurse, he would have been a medical doctor or a tattoo artist! But he had always wanted to work in a hospital setting and credits his father as the major reason for this choice. A turning point of his life was when his father passed on which triggered Steve to switch from pursuing his education track of becoming a medical doctor to nursing. It was a calling and Steve has never looked back on his thirteen years in Nursing.

A huge fan of body art, he is the eldest sibling in the family with two younger brothers, and is married with one daughter who stays with his wife, currently residing in China. He names his daughter as his main source of inspiration in making a positive difference for his patients and their loved ones. Not only does Steve finds his scope of work fulfilling but it also allows him to gain exposure by meeting people from all walks of life. From a practitioner of contact sports involving mixed martial arts, to sporting a fancy collection of sneakers and a proud co-owner of “Sneaks & Snacks”, a burger-sneaker shop based in Philippines, Steve wears many hats and is affectionately known as the “crazy” person among his peers. With many interests and hobbies, FPH nurses are indeed multi-talented and to Steve, “Working in healthcare is a passion and you will ultimately reach a breaking point. However, when you endeavour past that breaking point, you will find the focus and strength to go on. The smile from your patients at the end of the day is just enough” he quips. 

Abraham Thomas Varghese, Staff Nurse, Emergency Clinic 

Abraham joined from a restructured hospital setting and is delighted at FPH’s investment in their employees through training. With the in-house training, he has undergone numerous sessions including Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) and AED Instructor course which allows him to teach others. He also teaches non-clinical staff on the basic BCLS steps- such as how to assist the patient, maintain the airway, operate the AED machine and how to call for help and assistance. 

Having joined the FPH family even before the official opening he found the challenges of being part of a young hospital to be an advantage as there were vast opportunities for new and innovative ideas to be suggested and implemented from the ground up.  In a collaborative environment, Abraham was impressed at how different departments come together to construct new work flows, protocols and processes.  

“It is exciting to be part of the contributing voice that propelled FPH forward and even more rewarding to witness its progression over the last few years.”
In the nursing profession for eleven years since 2005, Abraham is dedicated to his job but many of us in FPH would not have known that his first love is actually IT. Abraham found himself at a crossroad in life when choosing a course for post-secondary school education. Having an interest in all IT related things, he planned to pursue a Computer IT diploma course but a twist of events found himself in Nursing course instead! What spurred him on for the past decade was his passion. Especially in the Emergency Department where family members of patients are under pressure, there are times when he feels discouraged but the satisfaction derived from seeing his patients recovering from their condition and relief from their family members makes his sacrifices all worthwhile. 

In his own family, Abraham is the eldest sibling with a younger sister. Married and an incredibly proud father of two children, aged six and one, he also shared that his wife had previously worked in FPH’s ICU department. Currently, his wife and children are staying in India and he keeps in touch with them through regular video calls. At times when he misses his family, he is glad to have his team of supportive colleagues and friends in FPH whom he spends leisure time with during his day off. Work is motivating with his supportive supervisor and colleagues who appreciate his contributions. A hidden hobby since he was young, is that he enjoys motorbike riding and would find excuses just to go for a ride. His personal accomplishment was purchasing a “KTM Duke” two years ago after saving for it.  

In addition, Abraham discovered a fulfilment in teaching. Being trained in FPH to teach for BCLS and AED course, he enjoys sharing knowledge with others.  Not limited to educating his junior colleagues but even his neighbours! In all, Abraham words of advice to his colleagues are, “Do not be afraid to learn, FPH always provides many opportunities for growth and development as long as you are willing to go further.”
For this year’s Nurses Day, Farrer Park Hospital has pulled all the stops to celebrate our Heroes in a big way.  The usual fanfare of Food, Gifts and Entertainment still rule the day, but none more exciting as the Excellence Award Presentation Ceremony designed to recognize the great Talent we have here at Farrer Park Hospital. 

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About Farrer Park Hospital 

Farrer Park Hospital is Singapore’s newest private tertiary institution. This 220 bedded facility is located directly above Farrer Park MRT station. The hospital’s care philosophy extends beyond healing and the management of disease, to engaging patients as partners in the pursuit of good health. Patients are treated by an experienced team of medical and health specialists in an environment meticulously designed to maximize comfort and efficiency while promoting well-being, rest and recovery. 

The hospital’s services and facilities support a full range of surgical and medical procedures as well as treatments. Patients are accommodated in four floors of inpatient suites with a range of room sizes and privacy levels to match patient’s preferences and comfort levels. The hospital is part of Connexion – A unique facility designed by healthcare practitioners and hoteliers that delivers the experience of an integrated lifestyle hub for healthcare and wellness. The building houses a specialist medical centre and a five-star hotel and spa. Farrer Park Hospital is part of Singapore-based The Farrer Park Company. 
For more information, please visit www.farrerpark.com/hospital ​

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