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  • 24 HR Emergency Clinic

    ​The 24 HR Emergency Clinic is well-equipped with consultation rooms, an observation bay, a critical care area, and rooms for ...​​​​​

  • Health Promotion and Screening

    ​HealthConnexion, a new health screening and preventive medicine initiative offers customised comprehensive solutions not just for ...​

  • Diagnostic Imaging

    ​A wide range of diagnostic imaging services and interventional pocedures are available...​​​

  • Laboratory Services

    We provide a wide range of inpatient and outpatient laboratory tests, using modern clinical analysers. Our Hospital Info ...​

  • Inpatient Suite

    Farrer Park Hospital has the design capacity to have 145 beds in four suites for inpatients. A mix of accommodation is available to cater to ...

  • Major Surgery Suite

    This ultra modern facility allows a comprehensive range of surgical procedures...​​

  • Day Surgery Suite

    ​Common minor surgical procedures include eye operations and other procedures like hernia repair...

  • Endoscopy Suite

    ​Both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are carried out in the procedure rooms. They include external examinations of ...​

  • Cardiovascular Suite

    ​The Cardiovascular suite is equipped with the most current angiography...​​

  • Radiation Oncology Suite

    ​Our Radiotherapy Oncology Suite is a modern facility for External Beam Radiation Therapy and Brachytherapy. Equipped with ...​

  • Nuclear Medicine

    ​Nuclear medicine imaging provides very detailed pictures of what is happening inside the body, and can uncover abnormalities which might ...​

  • Allied Health Services

    ​Allied Health Services at Farrer Park Hospital includes Nutrition, Rehabilitation and Home Care Services.​​

  • Intensive Care Unit

    The Intensive Care Unit is able to manage patients with a wide range of medical conditions in cardiology, neurology, medical, surgery and orthopedic...

  • Dialysis

    As the latest among the slew of services available in FPH,...​

  • Pharmacy

    Farrer Park Hospital supports both public and patients’ pharmaceutical needs through our Inpatient and Retail Pharmacy.​

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