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What is Hand Surgery?
Hand Surgery is an independent surgical specialty in Singapore since 1997. Its aim is to preserve the unique functions of hands from being lost to disease and injury, and to restore those that have already been lost. Hand Surgeons are experts at:
Soft tissue and bone reconstructive surgery in trauma, tumour and infection
Congenital upper limb deformity correction and reconstruction
Peripheral nerve surgery
Small joint arthroscopy 
Management of fractures in the upper limb
Joint replacement and reconstruction in the upper limb
Restoring function to paralysed upper limbs
o Trigger finger
o DeQuervain's tenosynovitis
o Carpal tunnel syndrome
o Osteoarthritis (Arthritis of hand)
o Pain and stiffness in the hand
o Wrist pain

Upper Limb Infections

Injuries in the Upper Limb
o Injuries of the hand and forearm
o Nailbed and fingertip injuries
o Fractures of the distal radius
o Fractures in the hand
o Limb and digit replantation surgery 

Sports Injuries of the Upper Limb
o Fractures 
o Tendon ligament injuries
o Wrist ,finger and elbow sports injuries
o Joint injuries

Deformities of the Hand
o Congenital deformities of the upper limb
o Post-traumatic
o Post tumour and cancer
o Tumours and swellings 
Swellings in the hand
Ganglia of the hand and wrist
Tumours of the hand and upper limb

Peripheral Nerve and Upper Limb Movement Conditions
o Brachial plexus injuries: Adult and children
Nerve grafts
Nerve transfers
o Peripheral nerve injuries
o Minimally invasive keyhole endoscopic surgery for carpal tunnel and other nerve compressions
o Tendon transfer surgery 
o Functional improvement of cerebral palsy, tetraplegia, stroke and other neurological conditions causing weakness and paralysis

Soft Tissue and Bone Reconstruction
o Limb salvage
o Soft tissue cover of the upper and lower limbs
o Peripheral nerve reconstruction

24 HR Emergency Care for Hand Injuries
Our team of hand surgeons are on call roster in Farrer Park Hospital’s 24 HR Emergency Clinic​ to tend to any acute injuries of the hand and wrist. These will range from relatively minor crush injury of the fingertips to more complex wounds affecting underlying tendons, nerves and arteries, to complete amputations of limbs. 

Immediate Hand Surgery Care 
Many of the trauma to the upper limb require urgent attention. Early reduction of finger and wrist fractures minimizes pain and deformity. Early attention to hand infections will minimize tissue loss and preserve function. 

Comprehensive Hand Surgery Care 
Hand surgery treatment process starts with a detailed history and clinical examination before our hand surgeons recommend individualized treatment for each patient. Many of the hand conditions are treated conservatively with activity modification, therapy or medication. Surgery can be the best option for some instances and our hand surgeons will help you understand your diagnosis and achieve the best outcome.

Hand Therapy 
This important aspect of hand surgery involves guided mobilization for hand surgery patients and the use of protective splints for rehabilitation. Our hand surgeons will oversee the rehabilitation process and you will be referred to therapists when required. 

Prosthesis complete the range of expertise a hand surgery service will provide. They improve the body image of the patients with deformities. 

Our Specialists
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