Pre Screening Guidelines

At HealthConnexion, we’re committed to give you much more than your usual ‘medical check-up’ experience. We’ve prepared a set of guidelines for you before your health screening check-up. Familiarise yourself with these guidelines before your health screening

  What to bring

  • NRIC/Passport or company’s letter or staff pass (for verification upon registration)

  • Past medical reports and any current medications

  How to prepare

  • Please fast for at least 10 hours before your scheduled appointment to ensure accuracy of test results. Drinking plain water is recommended. This fasting process is required specifically for blood tests and ultrasound of the abdomen and liver.

  • Please delay your routine medications and supplements until tests that require fasting are over. You may consume them after the tests are done.

  • For eye tests, we recommend that spectacles be worn on the day of screening instead of contact lenses. Eye drops may be used to dilate the pupils if retinal photography is included. Following retinal photography, please refrain from driving as pupil dilation can cause temporary blurred vision.

  • Please bring along your comfortable attire and running shoes for your Treadmill Stress ECG. Lockers are available for your personal belongings.

  • For your convenience, stool sample bottles can be picked up from our clinic prior to your appointment. Stool can be collected on the night before or the morning of the health screening. Urine sample will be collected on day of appointment.

  • If you’re unwell, we recommend that you book your appointment after you’re fully recovered. It is best for ladies to do your health screening at least 5 days after the last day of menstruation.

If you’d like to find out more, send us an enquiry, call us or make an appointment with us.