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Planning Ahead

Before returning to work, it is important to consider one’s personal preference, health condition and financials to see if going back to an existing job is ideal or if it might be better to look for new opportunities. A self-assessment or work checklist can also be done up to help make the decision.

It is advisable to seek your doctor or oncologist’s opinion about returning to work, as factors to consider would include follow-up treatment plans and the side effects from treatment. It is also important to consult your doctor to check the suitability of the role or if your health allows for it, especially if it is one that may be physically demanding.

In the weeks before the start of work, one can also try getting used to their upcoming routine by waking up early to get ready to start the day and occupy themselves meaningfully throughout the day. This also gives an approximate gauge on how well you might be able to cope, and for you to make changes with your boss as needed. If an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available at your company, do not hesitate to seek support from their support team there.

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