Mental Wellness

A cancer diagnosis can be shocking and overwhelming. It is common for patients and their families to experience feelings of depression, anxiety and fear. After all, cancer does not just affect the body; it can affect one's mind and emotional health as well.

Similar to most diseases where early detection is key, the same goes for mental health. It is important to recognize the signs early on. Prolonged fatigue, loss of appetite, irregular mood swings and lack of interest are common symptoms that cancer patients and their caregivers can look out for.

If you recognize signs or symptoms of a mental illness, you are strongly advised to consult your primary care provider or a mental health professional near you. Most mental illnesses do not improve on their own, and may get worse over time if not managed well. They can also disrupt one's daily life or even lead to detrimental outcomes.

Access useful cancer support resources here and learn more about the support groups available to help manage the condition.

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