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Nothing but the Red Carpet treatment for our nurses

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Connexion is one of the world’s first truly integrated healthcare and hospitality complexes, comprising a premier specialist medical centre, a private tertiary hospital, and a luxury hotel with state-of-the-art wellness and conference facilities. Professional and end user-driven by objective and design, Connexion at Farrer Park is developed by The Farrer Park Company, a group of eminent private medical and hospitality specialists with selected foreign investors.
our nurses  

Nurses form the backbone of healthcare and to show our appreciation on their special day, we laid the red carpet as they were treated to an afternoon of fun filled activities that kept everyone entertained.

Nurses streaming in enthusiastically in anticipation of the celebration

The day of celebration commenced with an astounding opening gig by the Risk Band, hyping up the audience. Our talented nurses not only excel in nursing but are well-rounded individuals seen through their performances of song and dance.

The Nurses were delighted by the heartwarming montage showing the many familiar faces and smiles of our nurses

A memorable highlight of the program was the unique pageant held for the nurses. Parallel to these engaging acts, the nurses were treated to the delicious hotel buffet while indulging in fringe activities through the photo booth and other vendors.

The photo booth was a popular stopover with nurses capturing their joyful moments

Prof Maurice Choo, Chairman, Farrer Park Hospital (FPH) and Dr Peng Chung Mien, CEO, The Farrer Park Company also embraced the special occasion through their welcome speeches. They addressed the crowd on the importance of nursing and how they elevate the overall clinical experience for the patients. Ms Kelly Yang, Nursing Director, FPH shared FPH vision of nursing and how education plays a part in enhancing clinical excellence together with our specialists.

Education and training is key in continually raising the benchmark on the quality of care we provide. As an organisation, we ensure that we facilitate and grow our staff’s enthusiasm for learning. As such, we have developed a large number of quality courses that even nurses from other hospitals attend
- Ms Kelly Yang, Director of Nursing.

In light of the Nurses’ Day event, Dr Timothy Low, CEO, FPH unveiled a gift for our nurses. A new mobile application specially developed to improve internal communications within the hospital.

The mobile application presented as the Nurses’ Day gift serves as a digital health and wellness platform for staff

It can also notify users of upcoming training courses, offer discounts and staff benefits on activities useful for staying healthy.

Nurses are always on the go, we felt that a smart phone app is the way to go to engage them with the organization, encourage them to stay healthy and motivate them to learn more. This Nurses' Day, we didn’t just want to give a token gift for our nurses. We wanted a gift that had meaning and would enrich the lives of our nurses
- Dr Timothy Low, CEO.

To further reward our nurses for their contributions, they were offered free Insurance coverage for 6 months from Chubb. Selected nurses received the in-house awards for their outstanding performance in work. The celebration concluded with a bang as the lucky winners of the draw walked away with attractive prizes.

The lucky winner of the top prize was Sister Jackie Teh from Major Surgery Suite as she bagged home an Apple Ipad Mini

With an exclusive celebration that commemorates the nurses’ dedication in their profession; it brings satisfaction as they felt appreciated for their commitment. The Nurses’ Day celebration marks a joyful occasion and a reminder of the important role that nurses play in FPH.


Eve Persak

Eve Persak is an expatriate who resides in Bali and frequents Singapore for work trips. She developed severe chronic sinusitis and faced multiple challenges while seeking medical treatment before having her procedure done at Farrer Park Hospital (FPH). We had the chance to speak to Eve about her experience with us throughout her stay at FPH.

Why did you choose Farrer Park Hospital?
I frequent Singapore for work and when it comes to health, we don’t want any place, we want the best place.

Here in Singapore there are definitely more options when it comes to medical treatment. We also don’t want capable doctors. We want seasoned practitioners who are leaders in their field. I was relatively new and unfamiliar with the medical scene in Singapore and, it was hard to know where to start. FPH was highly recommended by my work colleagues and friends.

What kind of treatment did you undergo at FPH?
I had severe and chronic sinusitis. To resolve it, I required functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) and septoplasty. These procedures were performed under general anaesthesia to restore drainage to the sinuses surrounding my forehead, eye, nose and cheek on the left side of my face and to repair my deviated septum.

How would you describe our environment?

If I had to choose one word,
I would go with ‘impeccable.’

Outside of the state of the art medical equipment, the medical centre seamlessly integrates the latest technology into the patient experience. Everything from meal ordering to curtain adjustments is done at the touch of a finger. It’s obvious that attention was paid to details like soothing colours, soft lighting and spaciousness.

I was also delighted to know that FPH has a sister hotel One Farrer Park Hotel and Spa. The buildings are literally connected and designed to support guests and patients moving between them. So, whether you live locally or are an international patient traveling from far, there is beautiful accommodation for your family members in the closest proximity to your hospital room.

What do you remember most about your stay at FPH?
There were so many people who attended to me with absolute care and concern throughout my stay. These include the efficient team in the business centre that liaised with my insurance company prior to my admission; the gentleman at reception and the ladies from admission who escorted me to my room.

I also recall many kind gestures like the genuine smile of the Healthcare Assistant who wheeled me into the operating theatre; the gentle touch of my anaesthesiologist Dr Lim Hsien Jer, the phenomenal nursing team who are not only proficient in their nursing work but also attentive to small details, such as arranging a walk through the herb garden for some welcome movement and sunshine.

Not forgetting to mention my brilliant ENT surgeon, Dr Leong Jern-Lin. He was the one who understood the extent of my condition and how to treat it successfully. He walked me through every step of the experience, answered my questions clearly and checked on me twice a day. I feel very fortunate to have found him.

How do you feel about your experience at FPH?
I felt safe. It is a vulnerable feeling to hand your body over to other people especially when you are far from home and by yourself in a foreign land. When we do, we are better able to rest and heal. That’s exactly how I felt at FPH.

I am also happy to hear of the presence of FPH’s International Office situated in Jakarta. As an expatriate, it is very assuring to know that there is a one stop service for both Indonesians and International patients who need medical services at Farrer Park Hospital. We are more aware of costs of treatment and procedures of the hospital prior to arriving at FPH. It is great to see the FPH brand extend beyond Singapore.
Farrer Park Hospital | International Desk | T: +65 67052754 | E:

We prepared, rehearsed and went through a successful MOH certification renewal for the next two years. Conducted and reviewed by the Ministry of Health the exercise showcased our policies and processes since Farrer Park Hospital commenced operations early March 2016. For a new hospital in start up stage, we are proud how the FPH family rallied together in the preparations leading up to the audit. Three months prior to the audit we diligently ensured that we were up to mark. This included obtaining more bed licences and the expansion of our speciality to include Paediatric day surgery services. These services are for simple day surgical treatments requiring no overnight stay.


This audit provides an opportunity to test ourselves in clinical standards, process and teamwork. We can and we will accomplish more when we work as a committed, compassionate, competent, collaborated and coordinated team (the 5Cs)
- Ms Kelly Yang, Director of Nursing.

Besides managing the complex infrastructure of the hospital’s Information Technology (IT) system, Vice President, James Woo of IT department in The Farrer Park Comapny (TFPC), is also an avid food Connoisseur. With many delectable food options available in FPH vicinity, James shares with us one of his favourite go-to place for a satisfying meal of Bak Kut Teh.

1. A short description of your thoughts on food
I do not consider myself as someone who “lives to eat” but rather as one who “eats to live” – given that I avoid overeating, I have become more particular with what I put in my mouth. My favourite food tends to be more localised with the likes of Hainanese Chicken Rice, Cha Kwa Tiao, Bak Kut Teh, Fish Ball or Minced Pork Mushroom Noodle while the more *“atas” one can range from Italian’s Linguine Vongole, French’s Charcuteries, Beef Cheeks braised in red wine to Japanese’s Omakase. Not to mention, pairing them with an Italian whites and/or French reds completes the meal.

2. Your most recommended stall of choice for Bak Kut Teh around Farrer Park.
Although there are three Bak Kut Teh shops within 1 kilometre square parameters from Connexion, I highly recommend Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh,
which is located at 208 Rangoon Road.


Parking is along the street or at a public car park located behind the HDB block which is opposite the street. The optimum timing to try the dish will be in the morning during breakfast hours or right before 12pm for an early lunch.

3.  A short taste review on the main and perhaps some side dishes or drinks you would usually order?
My usual order will be a combination of;

Spare Rib Soup. It comes with a long rib bone with a fair distribution of fat and lean meat, cooked to tenderness and infused with Bak Kut Teh flavour. For a ‘healthier’ version, one can order Pork Rib Soup that has more lean meat on bone.  Not many shops can cook such lean meat pork rib soup well but thankfully, Ng Ah Sio is able to cook them to a level of tenderness that it does not taste dry upon chewing. The flavourful soup has an appetizing tinge of spiciness, probably from the generous use of white pepper.

Pig Trotters. For someone who loves their pork, I will recommend ordering this dish because trotter is about 40% bone with 60% meat/skin versus others which is 70% bone and 30% meat/skin!

Tang Oh (chrysanthemum leaves) Soup. This soup is a good pairing with the meat dishes as it serves as a well-balance meal for me.

A set of tantalising dishes
complementing the Bak Kut Teh.

You Tiao (chinese fried dough) or White Rice.
I will order either as consuming both can be quite filling and result in a bloated feeling.  More often than not, I tend to go with a small bowl of white rice.

4. Rate 1 -5 shots
(5 being the best).  

Definitely 5 shots! Just remember to drop by early for the flavourful Bak Kut Teh!

*atas - high end

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