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First Maxillo Facial Surgery in FPH Improved Patient's Lifestyle!
The complexity of the procedure requires much more than a skilled surgeon but one that works in symphony of an Operating Theatre equipped with the right equipment and well trained nurses to ensure a good clinical outcome.

FPH from the onset was built for complex and delicate procedures. Convinced of this testament is Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr Eric Lye Koh Weng who performed the first Maxillo Facial Surgery here at the Hospital. Dr Lye also sees many other scenarios such as sleep apnea and airway problems, which include many patients between 50-70 years old with the oldest at 85 years old.
Twenty three year old, NSF (National Service Full-Time), Brendon Yong did not hesitate to have the surgery done as whenever he eats his jaw would lock often with clicking sounds. The Jaw Alignment surgery was not a vanity request but out of pure necessity, as it hinders his speech and chewing.

The surgery averages at 4 hours with the downtime of 2-3 days recuperation in the hospital and do not require rehabilitation. Training and exercises on chewing well and follow up procedures with the Orthodontist is a must. Preparation leading up to the surgery took a year as the braces were needed to have the teeth aligned before the surgery.
The capable nurses at both the Theatre and Ward made him feel reassured.
“I am glad my parents and I made the decision to take up this surgery” said the recovering Brendon. Very happy with the surgery and the work the doctors have done, Brendon looks forward to a more comfortable social lifestyle.
FPH World of Flavours
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Loaded with flavour, lower in calories!
This Hari Raya, try out a heart healthy recipe of succulent Mutton Rendang and tasty Sayur Lodeh, a 3 course meal under 600 calories, specially crafted by our Principal Dietitian and 5 star hotel chef.

Watch this space for our new release of “FPH World of Flavours” video series as we share healthy recipes at your fingertips! Here is the first episode covering the Malay Cuisine. Enjoy!  
FPH's Standard Protocol Code Blue & Code Pink
Difference between Code Blue & Pink
Recently, FPH has been recognized for activating Code Pink to help a driver suffering from stroke, bringing attention to the different protocols used in the hospital.  Code Pink is for incidents outside the vicinity of the Hospital while Code Blue covers grounds within the Hospital. Code pink is FPH’s own protocol to dealing with medical emergencies in the Connexion Campus, outside of the hospital jurisdiction. Connexion is an integrated complex that covers Hotel, retail outlets, restaurants as well as medical clinics. Within the hospital clinical areas, Code Blue is a standard protocol. FPH Team mirrors that protocol with mobile equipment to handle a Code Pink.
Past Code Pink Scenarios
Most of the Pink Code cases happened involved chest pains, pending Cardiac or Anaphylactic (drug reaction) and shock. Such situations had occurred at the Hotel Restaurant and areas outside the Connexion Building such as the Taxi stand. Those Code Pink incidents were stabilized and most seen at the Hospital’s Emergency Clinic.  We have had close to 10 incidences since we launched code pink on 1 March 2016. Incidentally, FPH’s staffs were the first responders for the Stroke case and accident that happen right outside the vicinity. Our staff alerted us to the first incident and for the latter, a member of public came into the Emergency Clinic to seek assistance.
How Code Pink Protocol Works
Code Pink is for a medical crisis situation and can be activated by calling 67052633 where a call centre agent will respond and request for Location ( e.g. Medical Centre, Owen link, Hospital, Hotel). The agent will then send a simultaneous message to the Code Pink Team consisting of Registered Medical Officers, Nurses and Security Officers.  The clinical team members will meet at Emergency Clinic (EC) before going on-site, except for the Security who goes on-site directly to manage the return lift and assist in crowd control.

The objective is to provide quick treatment and swift recovery back to EC with the patient and continue the advance life support in EC. Once stabilized, a decision can be made with family members or primary Physician (if patient collapsed in clinic) for admission to FPH or other Hospitals. On standby 24/7, the Code Pink Team covers the entire Connexion complex. Training and live exercises are carried out regularly to ensure FPH’s partners in hotel, medical clinics, restaurants, and shops are prepared in cases of medical emergencies.
Series #2 Blue Jasmine
Exclusive Discount for FPH Staff
Present your staff ID @ Blue Jasmine to enjoy
30% off during lunch time!
(Promo till 31 Aug, only for ala carte Menu Items)
Signature Dishes Too Good to Miss
This edition, our LunchGoWhere Series will bring you authentic South Thai and Eastern cuisine with flavours that will excite your taste buds! You need not hop on the next flight to Bangkok for Thai food when we can enjoy the true Blue Jasmine experience from just round the corner of FPH, located at Level 5 of Park Hotel.

Featuring a wide selection of dishes inspired by traditional flavours and Thailand’s bustling street food culture, the restaurant's food philosophy is to offer classics that will deliver robust flavours with earthy herbs and fragrant spices imported directly from Thailand.
Roast Chicken-Whole ($24)
A highly recommended dish, the free range North-Eastern Thai Roast Chicken is well seasoned and flavourful. Its meat is tender, smoky and well portioned for sharing. To enhance each mouthful, dip the chicken into the accompanying smoked chilli sauce and squeeze some zest from the kaffir lime. It brings out the taste of the marinated meat with spices that sure whets up an appetite for more.
Green Curry Chicken ($24)
Prepared from a variety of chilies and fragrant Thai basil, this fiery stew pairs impeccably well with the Blue Jasmine rice. Fresh greens that complements the chicken are also sustainably sourced and air flown from Thailand to encapsulate the essence of earthy herbs and spices.
Dancing Crispy Sea Bass ($28)
Interestingly shaped to simulate the form of a moving fish, the deep-fried dish is boneless and separated into bite-size pieces for easy consumption. It comes with a side of tangy green mango strips with spice that harmonizes the tantalizing taste of the fried fish. Definitely a dish to order when dining in groups.
Glass Noodles ($16)
A popular wok-fry dish, it features a medley of glass noodles with generous serving of sea prawns, tropical acaia, mushrooms and asparagus, flavoured with wild garlic and fish tamarind sauce. Each mouthful satisfies one’s craving for a flavourful meal. The prawns are also fresh and plump, taking the usual fare up a notch!
Mango & Blue Jasmine Sticky Rice ($14)
A modern twist to the traditional favourite, Blue Jasmine’s chic rendition of this dessert tastes as good as it looks. The signature blue glutinous rice sprinkled with caramelised peanut brings out a colour and texture contrast to the fresh yellow mango and white coconut custard. Each component is a delicacy on its own but a bit of everything in a spoonful sends an uplifting experience to end off this meal sweet!
Blue Jasmine
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