Farrer Park
Medical Centre

Farrer Park Medical Centre is designed and developed with patients’ need for convenient access to specialised and personalised healthcare services in mind. Located next to Farrer Park Hospital and One Farrer Hotel & Spa within the same complex, Farrer Park Medical Centre will be home to more than 200 medical specialists occupying 189 medical consultation suites.

The physicians and surgeons practising at Farrer Park Medical Centre are well-known specialists with high international standing, providing expertise in diverse medical fields.

Given the high levels of connectivity and accessibility between the hospital and medical centre, patients at Farrer Park Medical Centre can be assured of timely access to tastefully designed hospital wards and cutting-edge medical facilities.

Outpatients also have the choice of recuperating and resting in the comfort and privacy of their hotel rooms at One Farrer Hotel & Spa after a day surgery or a routine check-up at Farrer Park Medical Centre.