Farrer Park
To functionally interlace a hospital and hotel represents a huge challenge but also a tremendous opportunity to create a potentially historic shift in medical practice and patient care.

Farrer Park Hospital is one of the first private hospitals to be built ground-up in Singapore after 30 years. As a wholly new development, it is able to incorporate and effectively integrate the tremendous advances in hospital design and medical technology that have transformed healthcare in the past three decades.

As such, Farrer Park Hospital, a tertiary hospital with a planned capacity of 145 beds, is well-equipped to deliver excellent medical outcomes. It has 8 major operating rooms, 4 day surgery rooms, 3 endoscopy suites and 3 cardiovascular suites, supported by a 23-bed ICU, a radiotherapy unit, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging, clinical laboratories and an emergency department.

From the garden spaces to the purposefully planned design of the recovery wards and waiting areas, Farrer Park Hospital provides comfort and privacy to all its patients. And to ensure optimal patient recovery outcomes, both patients and their caregivers will also receive appropriate training when needed.

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